Old Boys’ Honours List

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NameSchool YearAward YearFor Service to:
Albert Adam Adermann 19441999Australian Parliament, Community through Church of Christ and Local Government in Queensland
Peter Ronald Andrews 19612004Scientific research into drug design and development of an Australian research based pharmaceutical industry
John Harris Byrne19652013Judiciary and Law as leading contributor to the education and reform and professional development and training
Richard Noel Chesterman19622011Judiciary as Judge of Supreme Court of Queensland and Community through contribution to Cancer Council
Harvey Larey Charles Coates19612005Services to Medicine in the field of paediatric otolaryngology as a clinician and researcher to Indigenous health
Alan George Demack19522000Community through the Uniting Church in Australia and to Law through the Supreme Court of Queensland
Hugh Alexander Dunn19421985Public Service, particularly in the field of international relations and development of relations with China. *Also Rhodes Scholar
Robert William Gotterson19662014For distinguished service to the judiciary & to the law, to legal education, administration & professional standards through a range of senior roles, & to the community of QLD
George Roderick Cooper McLeod19501988Medicine particularly in the field of surgery and the Community
Geoffrey Edmund Mitchell19602002Australian Sugar Industry in areas of industrial relations and research development and range of Queensland organisations
Robert John Riddel19632018For significant service to architecture as a practitioner, to education, and to heritage preservation in Queensland
Arthur Edmund de Norbury Rogers19572002Accounting profession and Community through the University of Queensland and Australian Olympic Games Team Fund Appeal
Ian Murray Russell19511997Service to industry in the areas of manufacturing, trade development & promotion of Australian Export Markets & the community
Brian Raymond White19592015For distinguished service to business through leadership in the real estate, professional services and property industries, and to the arts as a patron, supporter and donor

OLD COLLEGIANS AWARDED MEMBERSHIP (AM) OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA                                                                                                

NameSchool YearAward YearFor Service to:
Clyde Ian Barclay19442007Building industry through improvement of training programmes for apprentices and trainees in Queensland and in executive roles
Wallace Bishop19502018For significant service to the community through a range of roles, to business, and to the retail industry
Graham Brooke19431997For service to Business and Finance & to the Community through the administration of Public Utilities & Medical organisations in Victoria
Alfred Paget Beattie19351983Primary Industry
Ian Roderick Carlisle19612016For significant service to medicine in the field of faciomaxillary and reconstructive surgery, to professional organisations, and to the international community
William Edward Dalzell19361988Primary Industry, particularly grain growing and marketing
David Michael Doddrell19622008Science in the field of magnetic resonance as an academic and researcher
Peter Roderick Dornan19602002Physiotherapy in respect of sport s injuries and to the Community in offering support services for men’s health and military history
Anthony William English19612006Veterinary Service in the field of wildlife health and conservation and to the deer industry on Australia
John Alexander Fitzgerald19482003Promotion of the Olympic Movement and to the Community through a range of charitable organisations and to Journalism
Michael Anthony Harold Gardner19602016For significant service to cardio-thoracic medicine as a surgeon and teacher in Australia and overseas, and to professional medical groups
Rodney Hall19511990For service to the Arts particularly in the field of Literature
Robert Gurney Henzell19572008Agriculture through plant breeding programmes to enhance sorghum yield, pest resistance and adaptation to drought stress
Francis David Hockings19482008Horticulture through commercial development of the native plant and flowers industry
David Anthony Hood19612013Environmental engineering as an educator and researcher by contributing to professional organisations and to awareness to sustainability
David Keith Jamison19601997Exceptional service as Director of Procurement, Melbourne
Ian Fergus Kemish19782003Coordinating the crisis response for immediate evacuation of Australians from Bali and assisting with victim identification
Robert Kemp19641993Exceptional service to the Royal Australian Air Force
Geoffrey Moore King19361997For service to the book publishing industry & to the Community
James Piele Love19221994Real Estate and Valuation profession and to the Community
Peter Spence Milne19632017Significant service to primary industry particularly to the livestock sector, to animal health and bio-security programs, and to the community
Don Leslie Moffatt19632017For service to the community of the Sunshine Coast, to aero-medical organisations, and to the horse racing industry
Robert George Nicol19491992Business and Commerce and to the Community
Tiek Ewe Oh19632010Medicine, particularly for the development of protocols of anaesthesia and intensive care through leadership roles
Keith Percival Outridge19441975Australian Military Forces
Hamilton Stuart Patterson19241995Medicine, particularly in fields of General Practice, Paediatrics and Preventative Medicine and the Community
Noel William Preston19592004Community by raising awareness of issues of public sector ethics and governance as an advocate for accountability and reform
Ian Murray Russell19511989Service to industry in the areas of manufacturing, trade development & promotion of Australian Export Markets & the community
Robert Russell Savage19592014For significant service to business, particularly the profession of accountancy through a range of roles, and to the community
Lawrence Sidney Smith19612004Landscape architecture in developing major Botanic gardens through contributions to professional and community organisations
Anthony Sprent19612011For service to the community through the promotion, design & implementation of technical solutions for people with disabilities, & to spatial science & astronomy
John William Stewart19532004Beef Cattle Industry as contributor to bodies concerned with prevention, control and elimination of diseases and as a producer
Kenneth Hammond Warriner19602007Beef Cattle Industry in areas of breeding, export and meat processing and to rural project management
John Alan Wearne19642000Youth through the promotion of Leo Clubs, to people with disabilities through a network service of the Motor Neurone Association
Graham Douglas Webster19401995Broadcasting Media and the Community
Stanley James Willmott19541987Media particularly to Commercial radio and television
Steven Monteith Wilson19712011Business and Financial services in Queensland and to the Community in cultural heritage, sport and social welfare
John Malcolm Wylie19782007Investment banking and financial services and to the Community through sporting and medical organisations


NameSchool YearAward YearFor Service to:
Donald Walter Astill19372011Range of Veteran’s, Sporting and Service organisations
Russell John Beazley19422002Salvation Army in the Northern Territory
Peter John Bennett19672007Organisation of and encouragement of the employment of people with disabilities
Dugald Herbert Campbell Cameron19542008For service to the Australian beef industry through significant contributions to the establishment of national eating quality standards for beef
Lt Col. Graeme Clark19612016For service to veterans and their families
Grahame William Colley19582001Sugar Industry, land care and catchment management in Maroochy Shire and Community
Peter William John Dawson19451995Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol
Frank Renfree Dingle19582013Church and Youth organisations
Victor George Nicholas Feros19612018For service to Town Planning
Michael William Fraser19631999Local Government and Community
Roderick James Gilmour19572003Local Government and Community
Ian Peter Goadby19472005Recreational fishing and conservation of endangered marine species
Guy Ronald Hamlyn-Harris19291982Community
Raymond Barrett Hartigan19631983Australian Army as Regimental Sergeant-Major with Army Apprentice School
Leslie John Hudson19451988Athletics in Queensland
William George Jameson19421990People with intellectual disabilities
Barry George Johnson19732003Primary Industry particularly in the promotion of the horticultural export industry
Donald William Kidd19451982Fruit and Vegetable Industry
David William King19681997People with physical disabilities
Jeffrey Denison Lee19811992Music
Neville Ross Lindsay19512002Welfare of veteransand families through War Veteran’s Homes Limited
John Henry Main19531991Music
David Claude McCarthy19581995Photography – developing codes of practice and ethics through service as National President of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers
Duncan John Powls McIntyre19491996Horticulture – serving on organisations supporting Fruit Growers
Ian Bruce McPhee19602009Medicine – Orthopaedic surgery, research and education
John ‘Bodge’ Mellor19582019Service to the people of Gayndah
Gerald Stephen Moore19462001Administration and development of health services with the Ambulance Service
John William Palmer19672007Conservation and environment in the Gold Coast area
Kieren John Perkins19911992Swimming – Gold Medal in the 1500 metres in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games
Owen Watkins Powell19372007Medicine - hospital administration and support for the development of medical research
James Russell Savage19381991Support and development of children through SPELD
Wilfred James Secomb19391992Community, and through the Uniting Church of Australia
Elton Walter Staffsmith19401989Community
Robert Owen Stockwell19512003Community of Blackall through Barcoo Retiremnt Village
Hamish Andrew Turner19842015For service to business, to the tourism industry and to charitable organisations
Robert ‘Benny’ Wilson19752018For service to recreational cycling planning and standards
Roy Samuel Worfold19341996Community particularly through Communication Workshops


Federal Court of Australia: 

  • The Hon Justice Andrew Greenwood (1969)

Supreme Court of Queensland:

  • Justice Alan Demack  AO (1952) District Court Judge and Family Court Justice before his appointment to the Supreme Court.
  • John Byrne (1995)
  • Justice Richard Chesterman (1962)
  • James Dunn (1938) from 1974 until 1983.
  • Peter Dutney QC (1972)

Judge of the Court of Appeal of Queensland:

  • The Honourable Justice Bob Gotterson AO (1966)

 District Court of Queensland:   

  • Keith Dodds (1959) from 1986 until 2011.
  • David Reid (1968) since 2010.
  • David Searles (1964)

Supreme Court of NSW:   

  • The Hon Ian Gzell QC (1959)
  • Justice Robert Hulme (1957)

British Awards:

  • Dr. David Bruce Nimmo BEM M.B. B.S.(Qld), Fracp, Frcp (Glasg) (1945)
  • Ian Murray Russell OBE  1951    1982    Service to industry in the areas of manufacturing, trade development & promotion of Australian Export Markets & the community.