BBC Old Collegians’ Association | LinkedIn

The OCA is further expanding its networking connections by launching the official Brisbane Boys’ College Old Collegians’ Association LinkedIn Page.

The BBC OCA LinkedIn Page (short version) connects over 2,500 Old Boys and allows OCA members to stay in professional contact with other BBC alumni to find who, what and where fellow Old Boys work.

Director of Alumni Jarrod Turner said the new LinkedIn tool would further add to the OCA’s engagement strategy.

“The OCA is all about creating connections between BBC Old Boys and then reinforcing this network,” he said.

“LinkedIn is a valuable networking tool in the business world so it makes sense for the OCA to tap into this resource and offer another avenue for Old Boys to connect.”

OCA President Chris Hartley echoed Mr Turner’s words, saying the new LinkedIn page could be the first step in a new business network initiative.

“Our modern world is about connectivity and having access to our friends and colleagues 24/7,” he said.

“Facebook, Instagram and the like offer this in the social media sphere and LinkedIn offers it in the business sphere.

“We believe this can be the start of a bigger OCA business interface and in time the OCA hopes to introduce a business directory for Old Boys and the wider BBC community that acts as a formal hub for our greatest strength in the business community – the power of the Old Boy tie.”

To visit the BBC OCA LinkedIn Page, click here

To add yourself to the page, please make sure you add the years you attended BBC in the education section of your profile.