OCA Bursary

During its 2013 strategic planning process, the BBC Old Collegians’ Association, led by past President Alex Persley (2000), identified the importance of BBC families staying BBC families for life.

The OCA wanted to send the clear message that it was vital that the traditions of the Green, White and Black remain strong through generation to generation. They saw an unfaltering importance that BBC Old Collegians had the opportunity to continue the rich tradition in sending their sons to Brisbane Boys’ College. Out of this edict, the OCA Bursary was launched.

The means-tested bursary offers support to boys including the sons and grandsons of Old Collegians who face the financial situation of not being able to attend BBC.

“BBC was a great school 50 years ago, it was a great school when I was there and it is a great school today. The current boys have so much opportunity and choice. The OCA wanted to make sure it was doing everything it could to support Old Collegians who want to send their boys to the College, but may not be financially in a position to do so. It’s a great cause for us,” Mr Persley said.

The bursary attracted initial support from two Old Boys who knew firsthand the importance of being a BBC family, with Doug Cowlishaw (OC 1940) and his son Harley Cowlishaw (OC 1973) making a generous contribution to the BBC Foundation to kick start the bursary. BBC’s Director of Alumni at the time, Jarrod Turner, was thrilled to have the Cowlishaw’s support: “It is such a fitting way to launch this great initiative, with a gift from a family like the Cowlishaws. They are a fourth generation BBC family and they are a fantastic example of why this bursary is such an important program for the College, and the entire BBC community.”

If you would like information on the Old Boys’ Bursary, please contact the Alumni Office on (07) 3309 3513 or email