OCA General Meeting | 5 March 2024

A General Meeting of the BBC Old Collegians’ Association will take place on Tuesday, 5 March 2024 at 6.00pm in the Captain’s Room, College Hall.

All members of the Old Collegians’ Association are invited to attend.

The business to be conducted at the General Meeting will be proposed amendments to the OCA Constitution to:

  1. Amend rule 10A to clarify the appointment of nominees of the Vintage Collegian and Young Old Boys chapters;
  2. Amend rule 11 to extend the tenure of Committee Members to two years and to stagger that tenure so as to ensure continuity of knowledge on the Committee from year to year;
  3. Amend rule 12 to resolve inconsistency between clause 10A and clause 12.1A; and
  4. Amend rule 23.3 to correct an incorrect cross-reference.


The General Meeting will be followed by a meeting of the OCA Executive Committee.