To the Membership,

Please be advised that the following nominations for Honorary Membership of the OCA have been received by the Association at their meeting on 9 June 2020:

Chicri Maksoud – Teacher

Michael Smith – Catering Manager

Paul MacDonald – Head of Knox House

Any nominations accepted by the Executive Committee will subsequently be put to the next general meeting of the Association for ratification.



The following persons have been ratified as Honorary Membership of the BBC Old Collegians’ Association at the AGM of the Association on 6 May 2020:

Scott Grice *

Proposer:  Andrew Stephen,  Seconder:  Cameron Wallace

Steve Mann *

Proposer:  Russell Byrnes   Seconder: Chris Humphrey

Lesley Ross *

Proposer: Arthur Palmer,  Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Helen Jackson *

Proposer: Arthur Palmer,  Seconder: Chris Humphrey

Gary Musson

Proposer: Chris Humphrey, Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Peter Horeczyj

Proposer: Chris Humphrey,  Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Andrew Jenkinson 

Proposer: Arthur Palmer, Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Malcolm Staniforth

Proposer:  Arthur Palmer, Seconder:  Russell Byrnes


Honorary Members ratified at the OCA AGM On 7 May 2019:

Mark Griffith

Wayne Banks

Rev. Graham Cole

Colin Noy