To the Membership,

The following persons have been ratified as Honorary Membership of the BBC Old Collegians’ Association at the AGM of the Association on 6 May 2020:

Scott Grice *

Proposer:  Andrew Stephen,  Seconder:  Cameron Wallace

Steve Mann *

Proposer:  Russell Byrnes   Seconder: Chris Humphrey

Lesley Ross *

Proposer: Arthur Palmer,  Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Helen Jackson *

Proposer: Arthur Palmer,  Seconder: Chris Humphrey

Gary Musson

Proposer: Chris Humphrey, Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Peter Horeczyj

Proposer: Chris Humphrey,  Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Andrew Jenkinson 

Proposer: Arthur Palmer, Seconder: Russell Byrnes

Malcolm Staniforth

Proposer:  Arthur Palmer, Seconder:  Russell Byrnes


Honorary Members ratified at the OCA AGM On 7 May 2019:

Mark Griffith

Wayne Banks

Rev. Graham Cole

Colin Noy