Over 700 Old Boys enlisted for service in World War II alone. Amongst the lists of those killed, wounded, missing and prisoners of war, appeared the names of boys who not so long ago were to be seen at work within the College walls or playing on the College fields.

It was their duty to country that made so many service men and women fight, showing loyalty not only to their country and their flag, but also to the whole of humanity.

Those who laid down their lives are honoured because of their courage, and for their ability to be able to do that which they were afraid of, when the time came. They were prepared to sacrifice their lives for a good cause.

When duty called they acted in the noblest manner possible – they responded.

In April 2015, The Fallen Book was launched. This commemorative publication honours the 98 Old Collegians who served their country and lost their lives in The Great War, World War II and Afghanistan. All proceeds go to the BBC War Memorial which ensures that our current and future students always remember their legacy.

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