The A.W. Rudd is one of the most iconic boats in BBC rowing’s history. Since that time, it has been displayed in price of place in BBC’s Dave Magoffin Boat Shed and has survived major floods in 1974 and again in 2011.

This racing shell has been rowed by a large number of courageous and successful BBC oarsmen and crews.  It is a symbol of the pride and hard work, displayed by all BBC rowers throughout the last century.

As the centenary of BBC Rowing is approaching in 2016, the BBC Old Collegians’ Association has decided to resurrect and restore this classic ‘four’ and have it displayed in all its glory at the main entrance of the College.

Norman R Wright & Sons, boat builders since 1909, a proud BBC family, have been enlisted to restore the weathered shell to its original showroom condition. Ron Wright, Captain of boats and part of BBC’s Head of the River winning crew in 1937 and 1938, is excited to have his family’s company involved in such an historical project.

The BBC Old Collegians’ Association is seeking your support as someone who rowed in this boat, to assist us in returning this boat to its original beauty. This restoration demonstrates the pre-eminence of Rowing at BBC for the past 100 years and will remind our current students, past students, staff and visitors of the significance of the tradition of rowing at the College.

The BBC Foundation has underwritten this restoration, so donations via the Foundation are tax deductible.

Should we exceed our fundraising targets (as we certainly hope to); the Foundation guarantees that 100% of all surplus funds will be directed towards improvements of rowing facilities at the College.


To donate to The A.W. Rudd Restoration Project, please click here.