Join us for our annual Chapel Service and Luncheon to Mount Mee on Wednesday 25 July.

$50.00 per Old Boy

Chapel Service led by Pastor Simon Gomersall at the Mount Mee Community Church, 1345 Mount Mee Road from 11.15am
Lunch at Birches Restaurant, 1350 Mount Mee Road from 12.15pm

A bus will depart from BBC Main Entrance at 9.00am sharp and return 4.00pm approx.

RSVP by Wednesday 18 July.

Current Attendees:

Name Surname Years
John Beard 1961-1962
Paul Brown Headmaster
Francis Coe 1953-1954
Maurice DeHayr Piper
John Drewe 1950-1957
Chris Duffy Business Manager
Bill East 1952-955
Kelly Edwards BBC Staff
Karen Flynn Headmaster’s wife
Peter Franks Head of Advancement
Simon Gomersall 1977-1982
John Gresham 1955-1958
Tiffany Hardy Director of Development
Helen Jackson College Archivist
Ian Jillett 1952-1958
Russell Kerrison 1951-1955
Ted Lawson Master 1961-2002
Trevor Lloyd 1943-1948
Quentin Maclean 1954-1962
Bruce Martin 1952-1955
John Mellor 1957-1958
Don Neill 1960-1961
Don Nielsen 1945-1948
Mac Patterson 1949-1956
Andrew Petrie 1959-1962
David Rathie Friend of the College
Malcolm Redman 1952-1956
Chris Reid BBC Staff
Bill Robertson 1955-1958
Charlie Robinson 1955-1961
Peter Roe 1961-1966
Graham Sagar 1965-1969
Robert Savage 1956-1959
John Shaw 1949-1958
Bill Slade 1961-1962
Blair Smith 1943-1947
Jim Snowball 1956-1959
Graham Stehn 1955-1958
John Stewart 1946-1953
Wally Thomson 1948-1951
Keith Weier 1957-1962